Bringing an idea to life

I get so excited when someone sends me a vision and their ideas and then gives me the freedom to go from there. That's when my creativity comes to life and the ideas overcome me. When I lay down to sleep and close my eyes, I imagine the painting coming to life, the vibrant colors, the strokes of the paint brush, the finished piece. Of course I can't invision what the painting will exactly look like but I can dream.

I almost create a relationship with the painting. So many hours go into the painting, so many thoughts, so many strokes, so many hours of listening to Pandora. Once I finish the painting I'm overcome with a huge feeling of accomplishment and then the hard parts...

Sometimes it's tough giving the completed painting to the client because I feel like I'm giving up part of myself. But then I think about how many years that painting will hang on their wall and how many memories will be created. I hope that it can bring happiness to their life and impact their life in a positive way.

Even tougher than handing the painting over, is sharing the painting with others so that all can judge. When I push that submit button to share to all my fans and the closest people to me, I just hope they love it as much as I do.

The picture:
A rough draft mockup of a painting I will be doing in the next few weeks. It'll be huge, 12 feet long. The couple want it to be the focal point of the room (how could it not be, being so large). They plan on decorating the room around the painting. Talk about pressure...but I live for the challenge and the end piece.