Making the change... from PIP to Airtistic


Most people know my business as Paint It Pretty and some probably don't even know my name (by the way, it's Sara). Paint It Pretty has really become a part of me, so that begs the question... why?

I came up with the name Paint It Pretty shortly after getting married. For hours I would gaze at the inspiring Style Me Pretty for wedding ideas. When the time came for changing my business name from Sara Brady Artistry, Style Me Pretty must have been instilled in my head. So naturally I decided to play off that and came up with Paint It Pretty

However, when I decided on Paint It Pretty I had not idea that business would ever develop into what it is today. I figured it would still be a hobby and never turn into a full time job. So when my husband volunteered to make me a website, he asked "Are you keeping the same name?" I had never thought about changing my business name. It almost brought tears to my eyes with the thought of leaving Paint It Pretty behind. I felt like I was betraying my business and customers. Once I thought about it maturely, I realized it's just a name and even though I used Paint It Pretty to define my business, it was still the same old silly me who would be creating the art. 

When deciding on the name, my husband and I went through several possibilities, "Refined Palette", "Take it Easel" and then we came across the idea of "Airtistic". It was perfect! My doubts left me about changing my business name. I had wanted a name that meant more to me than just words. I wanted something to connect two huge parts of my life, painting and Air Force...Airtistic does just that!

Even though I changed the name of my business, I know my clients, friends and family will still be there along the path supporting me. Hello to all my new clients and friends and new beginnings.